Wednesday, 3 October 2012

All good things must come to an end... or do they...?

Sorry for the momentary pause viewers!  As Deborah pointed out in the last blog entry, things have changed a little...  To bring you up to speed...  Myself and Deborah have been prematurely separated just when we were really getting in the swing!  Since our last trip I have moved jobs, gotten hitched and switched counties (although not quite in that order).  Because of these significant changes, Secret London Lunch Breaks has taken a slight detour.  But never fear viewers.  We will not be beaten!  Ok, so we are 250 miles apart.  And ok, it's not quite as fun tripping without each other, BUT our curiosity and sense of adventure remains and so we will press on regardless.  

So.  Despite missing each other very much (Deborah, I miss you ridiculously!) we will continue our adventures, albeit slightly differently.  We may not be quite as brave without our trusty and adventurous sidekick, and there may not be quite as many giggles (and silly photos), but I think we both have what it takes to go it alone.  

Deborah will continue with the London excursions (can hardly wait for the next installment) and I have started a whole new sister blog for my adventures in Devon.  Who knows what I might find (something, I hope!).  If you'd like to keep track of my Secret Devon Excursions, follow this link and stay tuned!

Where it all began... wonder where we'll end up...?

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